Boer-Zulu War

Voortrekker and Zulu Conflicts

Kwa Matiwane

The final resting place of the Great Trek Leader Piet Retief and his men. Put to death in the most brutal fashion by the Zulu King Dingane who accused them of withcraft after they had come to him seeking land on which to settle.

Blood River

Undoubtedly the most pivotal battle in South Africa's history. Here 464 armed Trekkers, having placed their faith in their God, faced the full might of the Great Zulu Army in a desparate battle that lasted from Sunrise on Sunday 16th December 1838 untill early afternoon before the Zulu Army finally broke and fled the field leaving many of their warriors behind.


The original kraal of King Dingaan was burnt down by Dingaan in late December 1838 as the trekkers approached after their victory at Blood River.

eMakhosini, the Spirit of the Zulu Nation

To be found overlooking the Valley of the Kings near Ulundi. This fascinating monument evokes the spiritualism that bonds the Zulu nation together.

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